Chai Chloe 蔡敏诗

Chloe is an artist based in Singapore. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Logistics and Supply Chain but has never given up her passion for art. She moved on to pursue Fine Arts in NAFA.

Chloe is intrigued by the intangibles such as the fleetingness of memory, touch, and of melancholy within the human social aspects. She aims to grasp these feelings and emotions through the use of thoughtful composition and vibrant pigments to create captivating art pieces that evoke the same emotional resonance with the audiences. Chloe is also moving towards exploring self-expression in different styles using her advanced technical skill-set.

Chloe 是一位新加坡艺术家。她拥有物流和供应链学士学位,但从未放弃对艺术的热情。她继续在 NAFA 攻读美术。

Chloe 对人类社会中转瞬即逝的记忆、触摸和忧郁等无形事物很感兴趣。她的目标是通过使用深思熟虑的构图和充满活力的颜料来抓住这些感受和情感,创造出迷人的艺术作品,引起观众同样的情感共鸣。Chloe 还致力于利用她先进的技术技能探索不同风格的自我表达。

Past Exhibition:

7-22 August 2021, Group Exhibition - Celebrating 56 Years of Singapore at Living With Arts

18 - 29 June 2022, Group Exhibition - Terra Incognita at ArtSpace@Helutrans

  • Terra Incognita: The Alt Show is a Graduate-led exhibtion organised by the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Diploma in Fine Arts and Art Teaching (class of 2022) cohort, marking an unprecedented alternative, off-the grid experience for emerging artist rooted from the Fine Art Programme.

8-29 August 2022, Group Exhibition - Remembering The Past, Building Our Future @ Gallery 1819

  • An interpretation of artist’s dreams and hopes for the future, we embark on a journey down memory lane as we reminisce the forgotten streets and iconic landmarks of old Singapore, juxtaposed with the skyscrapers and vibrant culture of modern Singapore. It is a look back at our achievements as we emerge stronger and more resilient from the pandemic.