Dai Yishu, born in 1990, has previously taught at a university for ten years and now resides in various locations. He is the founder of the "Blind Stab Tribe" and an independent artist, with most of his works being collected by institutions and private collectors both domestically and abroad

In his works, Yishu incorporates many elements of science, technology, and human existence. He tries to explore the upcoming crisis between artificial intelligence and primitive human nature, and he tries to convey such philosophical contemplation in his artworks. Yishu believes that in modern day society, we have become less driven by our emotions and spirits, but rather, more machine-like: mindless with an endless abyss of emptiness.

Dai YiShu 戴一树

戴一树,1990年出生,曾在大学任教十年,现居于各地。 “盲刺部落”创始人,独立艺术家,作品多被国内外机构和私人收藏家收藏。


Past Exhibition:

2023: "Dream of the Desert" Dai Yishu's Outdoor Art Exhibition on the Wandering Earth - Tengger Desert, Alxa Left Banner

2022: "Rift Flow" Blind Stab Tribe's First Exhibition - Daguan Art Space, Yueyang

2022: "Dream of the Sea" Dai Yishu's Outdoor Art Exhibition on the Wandering Earth - Dongshan Island, Zhangzhou

2021: "Journey" Contemporary Chinese Painting Exhibition - Milan International Art Center, Italy

2021: "Launch" Support Art Museum Opening Exhibition - Support Art Museum, Guangzhou

2021: "World" Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition - Chinese Fine Arts Yearbook, Russia Moscow Artists International Art Foundation

2021: "Self-portrait" Earth SHOW - ARTBANK • 2020 "Pulse" Chinese Contemporary Painting Exhibition - Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

2020: "Establishing an Image to Convey Ideas" Exhibition of Excellent Works of Chinese and Foreign Art - Kunshan Art Palace, Suzhou

2020: "Pointing" Qu Zhiheng's Creation and Collection Exhibition - Dongze Culture, Guangzhou

2019: "It Is Not Human" Contemporary Art Exhibition - Baijia Lake One Space, Nanjing

2019: "Three People Walking" Oil Painting Art Joint Exhibition - Yumo Art Space, Yueyang

2019: "Seeing" Dai Yishu's Solo Micro Exhibition - ARTAND

2019: "Value" Six-person Art Joint Exhibition - 798 Jing Dian Gallery, Beijing